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After her graduation in the monumental arts at the Sint-Lucas Academy in Ghent, Laure-Anne Jacobs took part in several artistic projects and exhibitions. Most of these initiatives were focused on art integrated contents. The upcoming digital media formed an important role within the evolution of the work of the artist. In her work, Laure-Anne Jacobs puts an emphasis on photography, video or film, internet and interactivity and the most recent evolutions of media technology. In her expressions, Laure-Anne Jacobs uses the most adapted tools for both content and form of the artistic work. The artistic realization is for the artist a concrete expression, based on the interpretation of individual experiences and interaction with social surroundings and reality.

The audiovisual media and digital networks are for Laure-Anne Jacobs an incentive to question the arts. In this optic, integration and interaction with the essential social pillars form the characteristics of the works of the artist. Public space, society and the world are the favorite framework to create interaction and give expression to the underlying meanings. Interpretations of an existing reality are transformed in a concrete realization with tools such as digital printings, photographic images, movies and installations.

Laure-Anne Jacobs is co-founder of the digital media platform Larbitslab, and is working several years with Bénédicte Jacobs, Researcher in Social Media at the Free University of Brussels. Together they formed a duo called LarbitsSisters. Larbitslab is being founded in 2011 and is an interdisciplinary creative research group on digital visualization located in Brussels, involving artists and scientists around issues raised by the advent of digital technologies such as privacy, digital identity and 2.0 practices.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Photosynthesising Flowerpots, As Above, So Below, TOKAS Creator-in-Residence 2023 Exhibition, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
> 19/8/2023 – 24/9/2023

Exhibitions & Presentations

a selection

  • 2022
    Crypto Miner Car, Life/Likeness, ICC Annual 2022 Exhibition, ICC InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, JP
    Crypto Miner Car, NTAA’22 – International Art Exhibition For New Technology, Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Ghent, BE
  • 2021
    Crypto Miner Car, < MTL > CONNECT 2021 – The Digital Springs, On-site Moving Programme / Montreal-Brussels, CA-BE
    Crypto Miner Car, TACTUS – 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens, GR
    Crypto Miner Car, Gluon Art & Research, Brussels, BE
  • 2017
    bitSOIL trader, Internet Yami-Ichi (インターネットヤミ市), iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and technology, Brussels, BE

    bitREPUBLIC, John Doe in the Metacity / Utopia & Distopia in Architecture, Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels, BE

  • 2016
    bitREPUBLIC, Blockchain Fact. Fiction. Future, Showcase, iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels, BE

    eu4you, exhibition Coding/Decoding Borders, antiAtlas, Espace Architecture Flagey-ULB, Brussels, BE

  • 2014
    TubePlot, Art & Digital Technologies: Disruptive Innovation practices for an Unknown Future, Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF), Brussels, BE TubePlot, Vice versa: From research to media arts, Quinzaine numérique 2014, Mons, BE

    TubePlot, exhibition Citysonic #12, International Sound Arts festival, Mons, BE

    TubePlot, 20th International Conference on MultiMedia Modelling, Dublin, IR

  • 2013
    MyMiniMaxiLoveLife, 5th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Numediart Institute for Creative Technologies, Mons, BEThe Flanograph, Sensing by Interface Design, 5th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Numediart Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Mons, BE

    The Flanograph, Flânographier l’espace : pour une poétique computationnelle de saisie de l’expérience Urbaine, HyperUrbain 4: Hybrid Mobility, Valenciennes, FR

    The Flanograph, Conference Art and Geography Aesthetics and practices of spatial knowledges, University of Lyon, FR

  • 2012
    Measurements, measuring the city, digitale tracks, Antwerpen Zuid, BE
  • 2009
    Scenes of Kortrijk, interactive scenes of the city of Kortrijk, in collaboration with the Theatre of Kortrijk and the City of Kortrijk, Kortrijk, BE
  • 2007
    Life Cycle, online art on Antwerp Internet Art, I.P.V. Antwerp, BE
  • 2002
    Art in the neighborhood,
    Wijk Up, Bruges, BE
  • 2001
    Art in the Forest of Soignes,
    Fagus, i,f, Brussels, BE
  • 2000
    Telenicc, video with artist minutes, transmitted (2001) on ‘télé Bruxelles’, Brussels, BE


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  • Fotografiecircuit Vlaanderen 2008-2009, Figura, Jan Van Broeckhoven
  • E.N.E.R.G.Y., NICC Brussels and Commissioner of Culture of the city Brussels, 2004
  • Sint-Jozef, Stills van het leven (2002), Bruges 2002, LA. Jacobs
  • Kunst in opdracht (2000), The Flemish Government (Architecture) bOb Van Reeth and K. Laenen, Brussels 2000
  • Telenicc, Brussels 2000, J. Timmermans



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