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Algorithmic Tube Tales

> in collaboration with larbitslab

Algorithmic Tube Tales is an extension of the project TubePlot. Algorihmic Tube Tales speculates on the phenomenon of quantifying human behavior on social networks. Algorithmic Tube Tales is an installation concerning social media where the impact of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter on human relationships is questioned. The installation Algorithmic Tube Tales allows the visitor to generate video clips based on his personal data, freely available via the Facebook Graph API.

In addition, algorithms are used to calculate characteristics and preferences of the users to compose scenarios about a fictional life of the visitor. Algorithmic Tube Tales speculates on the phenomenon of quantifying human behavior on social networks. Social networks are software-driven platforms controlled by algorithms that draw still unknown forms of society, based on statistical and quantitative techniques. They not only are at the basis of disruptive shifts in our sociability, but question the fundamental principles on which society is built: from our most fundamental rights, standards, laws till our conventions and habits. From public to private domains they therefore have infiltrated all areas of our social life. Starting from Facebook as a case study, Algorithmic Tube Tales aims to approach this phenomenon by building an interactive installation that speculates on the possible consequences that is generated by quantitative driven practices on social networks.

> Algorithmic Tube Tales @ D.ART festival
Mechelen – 01/07 > 05/07/2015







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