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Digital Prints

2002 – 2009

The digital prints are experiments with digital image technology. The digital prints are reprocessed images, showing the benefits of the pursued digital working methods. Different themes are proposed: pollution, urbanization, the digitized society.
The photography of Laure-Anne Jacobs has developed from contacts with the reality and a personal interpretation of that content. In that way, her immediate surroundings and her observations of daily living form the inspiration for the artistic work, where the artist expresses her inner thoughts in digital techniques, starting from her local identity, herself and her surroundings. As a photograph journalist for digital media, she starts from certain events and facts to create the subject for the artistic work. Using digital techniques, the recording of the real-time event does become the content source for the creation of a project, which gives an artistic value to the original content.

> Photography circuit Flanders, Organic Urbanisation, travelling exhibition in Flanders 2006-2009



Digital Prints


Digital Prints (Organic Urbanisation)


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